Find a solution that suits your HOME!

Our range of indoor greenery include innovative terrariums to lush potted green wonders, table top planters and lifestyle products to accent pieces for your wall, green solutions for small balconies to large terraces.
A décor trend that never goes out of style is adding greenery indoors. Remember the money plant in repurposed glass bottles . Or the brass plant holder found in every home. Yup our Moms had them way before it became Insta famous. Plants are an integral part of everyday living and we are happy to offer wide variety of ways to incorporate them in our homes in style. We consider every part of the house as a potential mini garden be it your bookshelf or your coffee table, that sunny window sill or your big terrace. Let’s not forget our home offices now that we spend most of our times there. Make it look fresh, inspiring and green with our Work From Home edition. Why not build up your own oasis with one plant at a time with our wide range of subscription options. We introduce new designs every few months as well as offer customised products and solutions for large spaces. Want greens but don’t know where to start-fret not, call us & we will do it for you.