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A successfully nurtured plant is all that it takes to turn a brown-thumb into a green one, a regular coffee-table into a green-oasis, a window-sill into a herb-garden and an empty balcony into a verdant zone - to relax, rejuvenate and rediscover. Or you may just want to give a green-gift-of-life to a friend who works from home. Come and be a part of this journey.
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    Our objective is to infuse greenery at multiple levels from a small corner in the house to large indoor and outdoor spaces; from mini gardens in our glass goblets to the grandeur of large plans and trees in open spaces. Our product range starts from small indoor terrariums as objects of visual delight on tables in claustrophobic spaces, to centre-pieces in living rooms and restaurant tables, to large object-de-art in big hallways, to creating foyers and office interiors that reflect from the orderly and manicured to the denseness of the jungles, and finally large garden spaces and interminable highways to create an attitude and an aura.
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    The name “Your Green Canvas” is a direct reflection of our philosophy. We believe we have been blessed with a large canvas to paint on – from table-tops, to rooms, to balconies, to offices, to gardens, to roads and highways – and spread the contagions of happiness through our creations.

    Home Office Created With Nature

    Let’s bring a little bit of outside, inside. Swap the view of entangled cables of your workstation, with that of lush leaves in a handmade planter. Missing the beach? How about a lush palm in our jute planter to take you back to that seaside room while you are on an official call. How about that fern planter that doubles as a phone stand for your zoom meetings. Bring life and light to your workstation with indoor plants. Be with nature, be in nature.

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    No one knows green better than we do.
    Green is not a skill or a knowhow, it’s a passion, it’s life.
    “I have worked with Your Green Canvas, Saumya and her exceptional bunch of people twice - once when we were looking to green up our new office in Tata CLiQ, and now when we were moving into our new corporate office at Mahindra First Choice Wheels. The best thing I like about Saumya is her uncomplicated approach to design. Give her a high level, single line brief, and she comes up with concepts that are creative, practical and cost efficient. The other noticeable part is the professionalism of delivery; Saumya and her team spend time at the site, painstakingly going through details and making changes that site constraints require her to without losing sight of the overall design. On both occasions, Saumya converted what would have been a dry, regular office into a thriving, welcoming space” says

    Ashutosh Pandey, MD & CEO at Mahindra First Choice Wheels.

    Client Speak

    Here’s why our customers love us
    “At Indiqube we’re all about looking for newer ways to enhance productivity of every individual client that chooses to work out of our offices. Studies have revealed, and from what we’ve observed, greenery at workplace is a huge catalyst for employee motivation. We are ecstatic to lead by example with the help of YourGreenCanvas to transform our office spaces into something both, startups and larger organisations can truly thrive in. “As we grow, we look to infuse greenery into our work spaces to give businesses the best working environment,” says

    Meghna Agarwal, Co-Founder & COO, Indiqube.

    Elements of flora, herbage and greenery have merged seamlessly to uplift the vibe at BYG Brewski Brewing Company. YourGreenCanvas has done a fabulous job at infusing a sense of serenity at a high-energy atmosphere, and we witness it every day as we meet our guests. Kudos to the team on their creativity and approach.”says

    Pravesh Pandey, Director, TBBBC Meghna Agarwal, Co-Founder & COO, Indiqube.

    Here's Why Our Customers Love Us

    I saw one of your plants in Fab India store yesterday, I feel I am under spell after that.. Its the most beautiful thing I have seen in recent times. And saw your collection here.. Absolutely enchanting… My complements to Your Green Canvas.
    Pulkit Sharma
    I always admired Your Green Canvas for their passion for this exquisite art. And as was expected, they not only gave me some beautiful pieces, but also added value by suggesting some unique shapes for the jars. It is their sheer love for nature that transforms into such beauties they create!! All the very best for all your natural endeavours!
    Very satisfied…I just wanted to say that I had an wonderful experience with your team. They have done a wonderful job.
    Neeraj Malkar

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